Bloating isn’t always just that uncomfortable feeling from the results of eating too much, bloating can be painful; it can make you feel unwell and even be a sign of a food allergy or health problem.

Bloating is caused by excess gas in the intestines and can be caused by a whole manner of things including bad eating habits, certain food ingredients or even just hormones. It is incredibly common, especially amongst women so if you’re looking to beat the bloat and be able to button up those jeans with ease here’s some handy tips and quick lifestyle changes you could adopt.

Drink More Water 

It might feel like all you’re told to do is drink more water but increasing your water intake really has been proven to help diminish bloating. Water flushes the waste out of your system and can get things moving in your digestive system if you’re constipated. If you struggle to drink lots of water without needing the toilet every few minutes, fruit and veg are packed with water, around 80% in fact – and yes it still counts!

Watch What You Eat

We’re not saying you should cut out your favourite treats completely but a lot of food can be unknowingly difficult for our bodies to digest. Those foods that are meant to be food for us like green vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage all contain sugars that take longer to digest completely, and gassy foods like beans can also cause bloating.

Eat More Fibre

In saying the above, there are some foods you can introduce to your diet which will help bloating subside. Fibre prevents constipation by adding bulk to your body, moving everything through your intestines much quicker.  It’s important to know how much fibre your body does require though, as too much can do the opposite and actually cause bloating. *For women, it is around 25 grams of fibre daily.

Get Moving  

Even a simple ten-minute walk can massively relieve symptoms of bloating. Exercising helps pass gas through your body quicker and like water, can also get things moving. That’s why our technology sessions are so great as all that is required of you is a gentle walk or jog on our treadmill systems. This, combined with our non-invasive body sculpting technology will help disburse and shrink the unwanted fat around your stomach and in turn, make it look flatter.

If you want to try out our technology, then be sure to book in for your FREE consultation and session today.