Many people want to change something about their body. Whether this be one particular area or changing the shape of their body completely. With life’s physical changes like having a baby, weight fluctuations or the ageing process, it’s very common for the stomach to be this area of dislike for many people.

Many will change their exercise routine or diet to fix this however sometimes, it can be difficult to reclaim the smashing figure of your youth and so as a result, many are turning to plastic surgery. Abdominoplasty (aka a tummy tuck) is a surgical procedure that is designed to sculpt the waistline and smooth the stomach. It can repair damaged or weakened abdominal muscles and so further tightens the stomach.

Naturally, there are many negative effects of having such a life-changing surgical procedure; from the pain caused to the recovery time and the aftermath. But there is a way to see all the same benefits, just none of the horrible negatives that come with it. Sounds like the dream, right?

Introducing Non-Invasive Body Sculpting! With our technology you will get the same, if not better, results to a tummy tuck and other similar surgical procedures but without the hassle pain and risk, and a fraction of the cost too.

We’ve had a look at some of the side effects of having a tummy tuck, and compared them to our technology below.


In order to have a tummy tuck, you must be at a desired weight, which is usually 10 to 15 pounds from your actual dream weight, for six to twelve months before it. With our technology, there is no need for any weight loss before you begin sessions, or any other preparation at all in fact! Our free consultation and session will be enough preparation for you.


With a tummy tuck, it’s likely you’ll be in recovery for two to three-weeks and be very swollen and sore as well as in pain for a good few days. There is absolutely no need for ‘downtime’ after using our technology, in fact you can actually get about your day as normal after your session!


A tummy tuck will leave a permanent scar along your abdomen and stretches from hip to hip right above the pubic bone and whilst it will fade over time, this may take a good few years. Our body sculpting technology leaves no scarring whatsoever, or any visible changes for that matter. The only thing you will see is fantastic results.

If you want to see impressive results without the side effects, then make sure you book in your free consultation today.