When we eat, the pancreas produces insulin. Insulin’s job is to take the sugar from food consumed and drive it to the brain and muscles to be used as fuel. As a result, the more sugar we eat; the more insulin produced which signals the body to store fat. Therefore, it’s not actually too many calories that cause weight gain; it’s having too much insulin.

Refined sugar overpowers our natural hormonal treatment of sugar and so the body then takes the excess sugar, and places it right at the abdomen. Kind isn’t it?!

So, does cutting out sugar help lose this weight?

You’ve probably read countless times on the internet that cutting out, or down, on sugar will help you to lose the stubborn pocket of fat that is annoying you. Obviously, it is true scientifically as less sugar equals less insulin, which equals less stored fat. Eating foods that are more focused on protein and healthy fats is a simple way of lowering your overall body fat percentage which then in turn reduces belly fat.

But what can you do when you’ve tried cutting down on sugar, and you’re still left with that annoying little pocket of fat?

Although cutting down on the sugar helps to lose the belly fat, there can still be a little part that just won’t shift. In fact, we hate to break it to you but the older you get, the harder this part is to shift. No need to worry though, as there is a solution; this is where we come in.

Our belly busting technology is designed to target that stubborn area that you’re so desperate to get rid of by transforming the body’s ability to burn fat at targeted areas. A belt is worn around your stomach and as you complete gentle exercise like a walk on a treadmill, the technology within the belt moves, encouraging the oxygen that is transported around your body to be diverted to your stomach. It doesn’t hurt at all; in fact some say it feels like a massage on their stomach! You can read more about the science behind it here.

The technology takes on average around four weeks before you see impressive results, based on you having three sessions per week. Many of our clients see fantastic results before then though, and you can see more of these results here.

Want to try it for yourself? We offer a free consultation and session of the technology, so you can see whether this is the right method for you. Simply book yourself in for your free taster, or get in touch today.