Most people say they want to lose weight – or at least they think they do. What many don’t realise is that they don’t actually need to lose weight, but rather lose fat and there is a huge difference.

Our technology and sessions are designed to help you lose inches around your belly by getting rid of stubborn fat; it is not a solution for weight-loss.

We’ve had a look at the difference between weight and fat loss to help give you a better understanding.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a decrease in your overall body weight, and this includes muscle, fat and water in your body. Therefore, when you’re losing weight, it tends to be as a result of fat and muscle shrinking. Losing water is mostly useless however losing muscle weight can actually cause you more harm as less muscle causes lower BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which naturally means you lose less calories throughout the day. Muscle tissue also regulates your insulin sensitivity which determines how your body absorbs nutrients. Losing this muscle tissue can mean your muscle cells are likely to turn into fat cells.

If you’re wanting to look a little more toned and defined, then it’s important you don’t’ focus purely on weight loss, but fat loss instead.

What is Fat Loss?

Everybody has a certain amount of body fat. In fact, women tend to have more body fat on average than men due to the high level of body fat maintained for the reproductive system.

Exercise is the best way to lose fat as it regulates your lipolytic enzymes, therefore improving mitochondria function which breaks down fat, helping you shed it. However, when we consume a few too many calories, this excess fat is stored in our body. Everybody stores their stubborn fat differently, but the most popular problem area tends to be the stomach and that won’t change from exercise alone.

That’s where we come in. Our non-invasive system targets the reduction of excess fat in those hard to shift areas. Our technology transforms the body’s ability to burn fat, using a combination of gentle exercise like walking on a treadmill to increase metabolism and therefore increase blood circulation locally which helps to burn the fat away.

To find out more about our technology, click here or if you’re looking to see some of our client’s fantastic results then check out our before and after pictures here.