Exercise is known to release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body; boosting your mood and energy for hours after.

Meeting and socialising with friends can also improve your mental health, fighting off feelings of loneliness and leaving you feeling comforted too.

Combine both of these together and work out with a friend and you’ll soon realise there’s a whole heap of benefits…

Eliminates Any Fears or Embarrassment

If you’ve only just started a new fitness journey, you might feel a little worried or embarrassed about getting out there. Having someone by your side on your jog or on the treadmill next to you will make you feel more comfortable and get rid of any embarrassment you may have had. You’re both in this together after all!

You Have More Fun

A serious workout doesn’t mean you have to be serious; you can still have fun whilst doing it and with a friend you’re sure to have plenty of it. Working out or attending fitness sessions on your own can be quite lonely and sometimes a little boring, when you have your buddy by your side your workouts are sure to be full of laughs and encouragement.

Keeps You Motivated

Everybody needs a little encouragement, or a pep talk every now and again and having a good friend next to you can make a huge difference to your motivation levels. You can help boost each other’s confidence as well as support each other when you need it most.

Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Not only does a workout buddy give you companionship and motivation, it also creates a little added friendly competition which can really push you to go one step further with each workout. It won’t be long until you’re achieving those milestone goals you originally set out, and you’ll have someone to celebrate them with too!

Increases Commitment

Working out with your friend will mean you will have to plan your workouts in advance to fit within each other’s schedules, eliminating your excuses when it comes to ditching working out. Plus, it’s much harder to ditch working out when you know you’ll be letting your friend down too!

Here at Shape Sculptors we love nothing more than seeing friend’s achieve their goals together, so grab your friend and book in for your free session today to see what our technology can do for you.