A non-invasive system that targets the reduction of excess fat in those hard to shift areas

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Non-Invasive Targeted Fat Loss, That Works

At Shape Sculptors we use the latest technology to target specific areas of your body.  We all come in different shapes and sizes and our unique approach means that we can specifically target those hard to shift areas, such as the tummy, thighs and buttocks.   The technology we use is proven and the results speak for themselves; just look at what our customers have said and to see which celebrities are using this technology click here.  To understand why we get the results we do take a look at the science section below, which explains why this technology works.  You will get the same, if not better, results to a tummy tuck or other  similar surgical procedures but without the hassle, pain and risk and at a fraction of the cost. 

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We start by a free initial assessment session where we identify your body type and requirements so we can offer the programme that is best suited to you.  We employ difference systems depending on what you need but based on the same science & technology.

The technology we employ transforms the body’s ability to burn fat at the targeted areas, using a combination of gentle exercise (either walking on a treadmill or a gentle cycle) to increase metabolism and to increase blood circulation locally. Blood circulation plays a crucial role in the fat-burning process, as blood is the vehicle for transporting oxygen which burns fat. Fat burns most strongly in the parts of the body that have the stronger blood circulation and our technology forces blood to flow into the targeted areas.  The systems we use have now helped many many people and lots of celebrities and could help you.

It takes just twelve sessions with a minimum of three sessions per week for you to notice significant results.  You can do more than three sessions per week, if you prefer, and you will get the results sooner.  We have treated hundreds of satisfied customers to date and with noticeable improvements in every case.

How it works

The Science

With normal exercise and dieting it is very difficult to significantly impact these areas because of the way our bodies store fat.   Basically, to burn fat you need blood to flow to the areas of the fat.  That is because to burn anything you need oxygen and that is no different with body fat.  Our blood carries the oxygen needed and when it reaches the fat molecules it burns these giving off energy and leaving carbon dioxide and water as by-products.

However, just feel your tummy fat after doing an intensive workout – it will still feel cool compared to other parts of your body.  This is because not much blood flows to this area and that means the fat here remains stubborn to shift.  The technology we employ forces blood to circulate to the targeted areas whilst you undergo mild exertion, such as walking on a treadmill.   The result – the fat just starts to melt away!

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